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Costume designer

Costume designer: Costume designers' work helps to define the overall ‘look' of TV productions and films. They work closely with the production designer to make sure the costumes fit...

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Dressmaker / Seamstress

Dressmaker / Seamstress: As a seamstress, you are responsible for the creation of the designer’s ideas. Dressmaking is a very creative job and once you are known in your...

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Fashion buyer

Fashion buyer: Fashion buyers work for retail fashion and department stores. They visit clothing, shoe and accessory manufacturers and attend trade shows to buy products. Fashion buyers are responsible for...

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Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer: Ingo Shanyenge Fashion designers understand that clothes are much more than protection from the elements. Clothes can make people feel confident or powerful, they can be comforting,...

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Fashion Journalist

Fashion Journalist: Do you love to write and love fashion? The opportunities to report on what’s happening in the world of fashion have never been greater. Magazines...

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Fashion Technician/Technologist

Fashion Technician/Technologist: Fashion technicians liaise with design and production staff to create products in response to the designer's brief and specification, which will include sizing, costing and manufacturing processes. This requires...

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Hairdresser: Hairdressers give a service to clients by washing, cutting, perming, colouring, tinting, curling and styling their hair. They may first have to study a client’s face, hair and...

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Image consultant

Image consultant: Kalistu Mukoroli Image consultants help people cultivate a professional or updated appearance. They may work with businesses and/or individual clients to make changes to their looks, communication skills and...

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Jewellery designer

Jewellery designer: Isak Wombulu A career as a jewellery designer enables you to combine your creative talent and business skills with hands-on crafting ability. You could produce designs for mass...

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Nail technician

Nail technician: Jenni Mühr A nail technician is a beauty specialist who is responsible for the grooming and appearance of a client's fingernails and toenails. He or she provides manicures,...

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Tattoo artist

Tattoo artist: A tattoo artist is someone who creates permanent images or words on the skin. This is done by injecting ink under the surface of the skin...

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Textile designer

Textile designer: Textile designers are responsible for the creation and development of designs or patterns which are woven, knitted or printed on to or into cloth. They...

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