Bringing growth, innovation

1 month - 20 August 2019 | Agriculture

Justicia Shipena The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Agricultural Business and Capacity Development (GIZ-ABCD) project, in collaboration with the agriculture and youth ministries, the National Youth Council (NYC) and farmer unions, hosted the first-ever...

De Duine goes green

2 months ago - 28 June 2019 | Agriculture

Lindley Appolis As part of the Duiregio project, one of the main aims is to create awareness of sustainability and also act as a connection between De Duine and Euregio Gesamtschule in Rheine, Germany. While...

Agra celebrates 38 years

1 year - 14 September 2018 | Agriculture

Agra celebrated 38 years of existence in Namibia on 24 August.It has built a prolific reputation over the years, establishing itself as major roleplayer in the agricultural sector. The company, which was established in 1980,...


1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Dr Griselda Hanstein-KloppersTo be a vet, one has to be a well-balanced person. As the saying goes all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, this also applies to veterinary science. She further...

Game Ranger

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Kweku Schimming-ChaseA Game Ranger is responsible for the management of the game reserve. They work with ecologists, game reserve and wildlife managers. Their tasks are multi-faceted and include; ensuring the day to day health...

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Laboratory Technician

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Agnes Iipinge Laboratory technician in the food hygiene department involves testing of meat products mostly produced by Meatco for food pathogens and bacteria counts....

Agricultural manager

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Frederico Van Wyk“As the agricultural manager, you are responsible to grow and manage the agricultural loan book, investments and client base. You have to have...


1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Stephan Bezuidenhout, Taxidermy is an art form where the practitioner preserves dead animals by crafting models from their preserved skin. People who work in that...

Policy analyst

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Vihoroka Kaapehi“As a policy analyst in agriculture planning section, you are responsible for policy formulation and review as well as impact assessment of policies on...

Agriculuture, Forestry, Environment

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Careers in agriculture and forestry make up one of the largest industries and sources of long-term employment. These careers mostly focus on food production, alternative...

Endangered Species Biologist

1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Biologists examine organic life plants and animals, in order to understand how they function, how they evolve, how the wildlife interacts with its ecology and...


1 year - 11 September 2018 | Agriculture

Dala du Plesis Du Plesis is a technical nutritionist at Feedmaster Namibia and has been working there for the last “Every day is different, depending...

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