It’s not that serious!

13 hours ago | Columns

Ester KamatiThis may be a worn-out topic but the need to talk about it is quite strong. Lately romantic relationships among youth have simply become about physical compatibility and attraction and less about whether a...

A step in the right direction

1 week ago - 11 June 2019 | Columns

Octavia TsibesAs weird as it may seem, many people do not think of it in that way. Sometimes it might seem easier to just pick something out of a hat, but that might not be...

The future begins here

2 weeks ago - 04 June 2019 | Columns

Siyabonga Ramakhutla I am a first-year medical student at the University of Debrecen in Hungary. My experience at this university has been a rollercoaster; there have been a lot of highs and lows. However,...

Unconditional love deserves so much more

3 weeks ago - 28 May 2019 | Columns

Mariselle StofbergWhen people are mistreated we get enraged. When we see a person being abused we are urged to intervene. When we see a person in need or distress most people don’t hesitate to offer...

You can’t Photoshop feelings

4 weeks ago - 21 May 2019 | Columns

Justicia Shipena I came across a man at a workshop I attended and he said to me: "Write what you are feeling. Tell the truth. Write like nobody's reading." And just like that I...

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Get your SME 'finance ready'

1 month - 17 May 2019 | Columns

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) contribute up to 60% of all employment and as much as 40% of GDP in emerging economies, according to the...

The legacy you leave is the one you live

1 month - 14 May 2019 | Columns

Michelline NawatisesLegacy… The word itself intimidates many people as it is the one thing you will be remembered for long after you are gone.This...

Money tips for graduates

1 month - 10 May 2019 | Columns

Llewellyn WrinklerMany graduates can benefit by adopting good money management principles early in their careers, to ensure a guaranteed, stable and stress-free financial future.Whether you...

Violins (not violence) to shatter the silence

1 month - 07 May 2019 | Columns

Justicia ShipenaI’ve been one of those girls who go to parties that bump aggressive, derogatory music and I sing along. I’ve been silenced by sexist...

Speed (and impatience) kills

1 month - 30 April 2019 | Columns

Mariselle StofbergThe smell of gasoline. The screeching of tyres. Glass breaking. People crying. Lives lost. A cycle we keep seeing and we will continue to...

There’s no place like home

1 month - 23 April 2019 | Columns

Michelle Mushonga Mable glanced at the tiny little girl softly napping against her chest. Her small lips were slightly parted and her breaths were...

Thought Leadership

2 months ago - 18 April 2019 | Columns

Ashante MannettiIn this fast-paced world we try to juggle a million things at once. Job, family, friends, eating healthy and we know we still need...

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Sky is the limit for...

13 hours ago | Technology

Ester Kamati Megan Werner, an experienced model and published author, recently finished building an aircraft along with 20 other youth, which they plan to fly...

by Octavia Tsibes

It’s not that serious!

13 hours ago | Columns

Ester KamatiThis may be a worn-out topic but the need to talk about it is quite strong. Lately romantic relationships among youth have simply become...


New name for Etakaya

13 hours ago | Education

Justicia Shipena Etakaya Primary School, situated at Etakaya village of Etakaya in the Ohangwena Region, was recently renamed Sakaria H Nghikembua Primary School.The school...


Feeling the momentum!

13 hours ago | Sports

Ester KamatiWindhoek High School’s Vegkop stadium is home to many memorable games when it comes to rugby and this year was no different. The stadium...


Improving Africa through constructive debate

13 hours ago | Education

Ester KamatiThe 2019 Day of the African Child Debate and Public Speaking Championships knockout rounds were held at the St George's ­Diocesan School on 14...


A platform for leadership

13 hours ago | Education

Michelline NawatisesThe City of Windhoek Junior Council (JC) provides a platform for leadership potential and exposes learners to local challenges.They learn about local issues and...

by Octavia Tsibes

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