See you folks!

4 days ago - 03 December 2019 | Columns

Evany van WykHow can I miss something that I didn’t even think I needed and how am I this strong to be able to move on to another chapter, leaving behind the past. The fact...

Choose wisely

1 week ago - 26 November 2019 | Columns

Ester KamatiChoices are important, and better yet, good choices need to be made. This column is deliberate because one of the biggest choices we will ever have to make will have to be made tomorrow....

Yes, I am upset!

2 weeks ago - 19 November 2019 | Columns

Ester Kamati“Why are black women so angry?” some may ask, as if we don’t have the right to be. I am still amused by the fact that Namibian males expects us to just be really...

Taking the employee experience to the next level

3 weeks ago - 15 November 2019 | Columns

Jimi HillGone are the days where pay was pretty much the main factor in deciding where your next gig/job would be. The employee experience has gained momentum in recent years and can be largely attributed...

Dealing with indecision

3 weeks ago - 12 November 2019 | Columns

Evany van Wyk I have always been and will continue to be honest about my utter inability to make a decision. It’s something that just gets me every time. Just when I think that I...

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We need to embrace the Cloud

4 weeks ago - 08 November 2019 | Columns

Syed Asad Abbas There’s a lot of hype about the Cloud, however what comes to mind when you hear that your software will sit in...

What’s his deal?

1 month - 05 November 2019 | Columns

Elizabeth JosephAlthough I have never voted, I think everyone should at least have an idea of who to vote for. I don’t. Everyone has been...

Yes, I am crazy enough

1 month - 29 October 2019 | Columns

Mariselle StofbergAs a female living in a world where femicide has become our reality, I want to become a part of the dialogue. I want...

Cybersecurity is not a ‘nice-to have’

1 month - 25 October 2019 | Columns

Johann van Rooyen Namibia seems a safe and secure haven; we go about our business and relish the idea of telling foreigners about our beautiful...

Is there a recipe for success?

1 month - 22 October 2019 | Columns

Thelma SavanhuIsn’t it funny how most people, including myself go through life wondering how others have made it in life, while we seem to be...

Humility is royalty without a crown

1 month - 15 October 2019 | Columns

Justicia Shipena Give yourself a pat on the back; you have worked hard to get to where you are in life. In high school...


1 month - 15 October 2019 | Columns

Wiaan Louw Hierdie koerantuitgawe was voorwaar ’n opwindende leerervaring vir ons almal. Ek wil net vir my span baie dankie sê vir julle harde...

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Crafting a future

1 day - 06 December 2019 | People

Elizabeth JosephFrancois Wahl studied B.Acc at Stellenbosch University and is a qualified chartered accountant. Since taking the seat as the CEO of Nictus Furnishers, he...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Creating a digital mindset for...

1 day - 06 December 2019 | Opinion

Jason AverbookDo you ever look back on your New Year’s resolutions (if you make them)? Do you even remember what they were? Maybe you resolve...

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Highly mechanised

1 day - 06 December 2019 | People

Justicia Shipena Vivacious Marco Swart is a mechanical technician in the packaging engineering department at Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Compassion is the new fashion

1 day - 06 December 2019 | People

Evany van WykMarizelle Pienaar lives by the motto, “the more you have to do, the more you get done.” She believes in being a balanced...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Never say never

1 day - 06 December 2019 | People

Mariselle StofbergHester Uushona is a firm believer that being average in life is not an option. She strives towards making her mark while providing others...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Talent knows no borders

1 day - 06 December 2019 | Cultural

Ester Kamati Still digesting the news after receiving his award on 30 November in Burkina Faso, Visagie is passionate about ensuring that the arts are...

by Mariselle Stofberg

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