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1 day - 19 November 2019 | Sports

Mariselle StofbergDie gasheer van die Securitas Privaatskole Sportnaweek (PSN) 2020 is Tsumeb Gimnasium en die reëlings is getref vir dié jaarlikse hoogtepunt. “Volgende jaar...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Make way for the PillowChick

1 day - 19 November 2019 | People

Ester Kamati Julia Ndeilenga has turned her love for décor into a thriving pillow business, with her merchandise now decorating Nictus’ shelves in Windhoek.Walvis Bay...

by Ester Kamati

The ball is in your...

1 day - 19 November 2019 | Sports

Elizabeth Joseph “On top of that we will continue providing up-skilling opportunities to our coaches and umpires to improve netball in the Khomas region,”...


Stronger together

1 day - 19 November 2019 | Sports

Bridging the Gap is a tournament for u17 netball and u15 football boys, created by Debmarine using sport as a tool to reach the country’s...

by Mariselle Stofberg

The Zone asked learners what...

1 day - 19 November 2019 | Opinion

Anna Jannell SemI would definitely choose to have a photographic memory. I wouldn’t have to study and memorise notes at all, because I’d always think...

by Ester Kamati

Yes, I am upset!

1 day - 19 November 2019 | Columns

Ester Kamati“Why are black women so angry?” some may ask, as if we don’t have the right to be. I am still amused by the...

by Ester Kamati

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