Samsung vs iPhone

1 week ago - 13 September 2019 | Technology

By Naango KaingeThis has been an ongoing discussion, featured in class debates, a topic among peers as well as memes all over the internet. The Namib Mirabilims believes it is time to break down some...

To infinity and Mars

1 week ago - 13 September 2019 | Technology

Danielle EsterhuizenElon Musk takes travelling to another level, you could say his vision is out of this world. This South African billionaire, entrepreneur and investor (who is also an engineer) is taking a giant leap...

Tunes from Your Beanie

1 week ago - 13 September 2019 | Technology

Aliché Januarie Listening to music is something every person does. Music is a universal language. The means of going through your playlists, however, vary. For decades, the earphones and headphones were...

Schoolgirls inspired

1 month - 20 August 2019 | Technology

Evany van Wyk Woman in Engineering (WomEng) is a non-profit organisation that originated in South Africa. The organisation, which was started in 2006, aims to encourage young girls to take up studies in the...

WBPHS explores the Deep Learning Lab concept

1 month - 02 August 2019 | Technology

Maurice HinterholzerAs the principal of Walvis Bay Private High School, Mrs Estelle Eigelaar, puts it so aptly, “We strive to keep up with the needs of the 21st-century child. This is done by creating a...

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Belangrikheid van moderne tegnologie

1 month - 02 August 2019 | Technology

Caroline KanghonoDit het skrikwekkend geword dat ons tegnologie ons mensdom oortref het. Moderne tegnologie is bloot ’n bevordering van ou tegnologie. Die impak van tegnologie...

The Risks of Momo Challenge

1 month - 26 July 2019 | Technology

So what is the Momo challenge? The Momo Suicide Challenge is a game which has roots in Japan. Essentially, it all started with Facebook group...


2 months ago - 12 July 2019 | Technology

Cathleen Guruses ...

An Upside to Technology?

2 months ago - 05 July 2019 | Technology

Maurischa January Technology refers to tools and machines that may be used to solve real-world problems. It exists in many categories such as construction, bio-related...

Let’s get technological

2 months ago - 05 July 2019 | Technology

Synthia /Uiras and Justicia ShipenaFrom 22-23 May 2019, Berhane Wheeler, a grade 9 learner from Amazing Kids went to the tech innovation bazaar that was...

Like, Share and Subscribe

2 months ago - 28 June 2019 | Technology

Lindley AppollisStatistics show that more and more youths are on social media daily than in the past years; and more and more elders say that...

Science Fair; Shaping the future

2 months ago - 28 June 2019 | Technology

Júandro Van RooiDe Duine Secondary School held their annual Science Fair in May 2019. Whereby many students participated in it. There were so...

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Specialising in skin

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Dr Elisah Agaba is a consultant dermatologist at the Ongwediva Medipark university teaching hospital.He is also a senior adjunct lecturer of dermatology at the University...

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Never a dull moment

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Evany van Wyk Suné Tietz is an account manager at TinCup Digital Marketing Agency and is originally from East London in South Africa. Growing...

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Mariselle Stofberg Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group - prides itself on not only creating a...

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