Becoming street wise online

1 week ago - 23 February 2021 | Technology

Mariselle Stofberg During a discussion on safer internet use at the communication centre in Windhoek last week, issues related to access, responsibility and accountability were discussed. Jochen Traut, the chief of operations at CRAN, emphasised...

Paratus welcomes Demshi investment in subsea cable project

1 week ago - 19 February 2021 | Technology

Staff ReporterAs the news is announced about the agreement that Paratus is the landing party for the subsea cable, Equiano, in Namibia, Paratus welcomes private licensed operator Demshi Investment Holdings as a significant capacity investor....

Gereed vir die vierde ­nywerheidsrevolusie

4 weeks ago - 02 February 2021 | Technology

Enzo AmueleDie Goethe-Institut Namibia het Saterdag 'n gratis proef­lopie in Windhoek aangebied vir kinders om eerstehands robotbewegings te sien en dien ook as voorbereiding vir die eerste kwartaal van die 2021 robotika-kursusse by die instituut....

Social media is not meant for research - Links

4 months ago - 02 October 2020 | Technology

“Research is about discovery and learning. Through research we generate evidence that guides or should guide how we engage with the issues affecting lives,” says Frederico Links, who will present a free online workshop on...

Tossing papers, tapping buttons

6 months ago - 11 August 2020 | Technology

Justicia Shipena WINDHOEKHaving started his coding journey in grade nine at De Duine Secondary School in Walvis Bay, Joachim Shilongo recently developed a system to assist officials in contact tracing amidst the Covid-19...

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The future Fast and the Furious bus

11 months ago - 24 March 2020 | Technology

Jaden FreyAn electric bus is a bus that is powered by electricity. They can store their energy on board or the can be get it...

Introducing the sphero

11 months ago - 24 March 2020 | Technology

Daniella Hoffmann A Sphero is a robotic ball which you can control with programming language. You can control it with any Android, iOS, any Apple...

The age of the robots

11 months ago - 24 March 2020 | Technology

Senia MwoondeRobot. This word has become popular in today's vocabulary, but what is a robot? A robot is a machine- especially one programmable by a...

Take Control or Be Controlled

11 months ago - 17 March 2020 | Technology

Vimbai Linetty Muganga According to there are over 3.8 billion people who use the internet, that’s about 40% of the world’s population. 5 billion...

Battle of the boards

11 months ago - 17 March 2020 | Technology

Vimbai Linetty Muganga We are in the era where we see less chalkboards, more white boards and even more projectors. But which one is the...

Noise Cancelling Headphones

11 months ago - 17 March 2020 | Technology

Vimbai Linetty Muganga“Amazing, privacy and keeps you focused.” These are the words of Art and design teacher of ISWB, Mr. Ilovu Homateni.Today we judge the...

Shorthand communication tools

11 months ago - 10 March 2020 | Technology

An emoji is one of the most useful shorthand communication tools of the 21st century.An emoji can be used to express personality in your email...

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New IEB structure

17 hours ago | Education

Henriette Lamprecht and Mariselle Stofberg The new curriculum for Namibian schools following the Independent Examination Board (IEB) system is comparable to the Namibian Senior Secondary...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Yssel en Kidd kraai koning

17 hours ago | Sports

Die Confederation of African Tennis (CAT) is 'n kontinentale sportorganisasie wat 50 Afrikalande insluit. CAT se doelwit is om tennis een van die gewildste...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Privaatskool Excelsior vier 30 jaar

17 hours ago | Education

Die Privaatskool Excelsior op Aroab vier vanjaar sy 30ste bestaansjaar.Excelsior het op 22 Januarie 1991 met slegs 18 leerlinge geopen, maar “klein begin is groot...

by Mariselle Stofberg

WBPHS vs Covid-19

17 hours ago | Education

Elmi McCarthy Covid-19 het die wêreld en veral onderwys omver gewerp. 2020 het Walvisbaai Privaat Hoërskool (WBPHS) op sy tone gehou en almal geleer...

by Mariselle Stofberg

She keeps on thriving

17 hours ago | Youth

Rivaldo KavangaThe name Thrive Vinomaandero brings sparks when mentioned in a room. The very fact that her name, Thrive, means to grow, prosper or flourish...

by Mariselle Stofberg

Star teacher of the week

17 hours ago | Education

Gisela PetersAfrikaans second language teacher for grade 10, 11 and 12 with grade 12 on AS levels.When and why did you decide to become a...

by Mariselle Stofberg

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