Star Teacher

1. When did your journey start as a teacher?I started teaching in 1990 as a geography teacher in my first 3 years before switched to science. I chose teaching because of my love of being in the classroom and I see teaching as a way of serving the community. I simply enjoy being around the learners, helping them to improve their weaknesses and aiding them to be more self-directed.

2. Was teaching always something you wanted to do?Growing up, still in primary school, I was fascinated by the profession, or let me say, simply the title of chartered accountant and I thought I would become one someday, but as I entered high school, my love for science developed, and i knew i would be a good science teacher. And surely, I have the passion for teaching, and I love my learners, I do not regret being a teacher for all these years.

3. What is the most challenging thing as a teacher?Some of the common challenges that I face as a teacher, include inspiring learners to be more self-motivated, improving the learning outcome, differentiating and personalising teaching, motivating learners to do their work outside the classroom, finding time to keep up with huge administrative tasks, keeping up with changing technology and getting parents to be more involved.

4. What would you have done if you had not become a teacher?I have never thought of that. I would always be one, and especially be a primary school teacher, because children are all so unique, and being able to watch them grow and progressively day is the best feeling in the world. We develop such amazing relationships which last forever beyond the school yard.

5. What keeps you motivated and inspired to keep on teaching?I have testimonies of many learners that I have inspired. As a highly organised person, I believe in order, my calm and positive spirit is an asset in my career, I do understand learner-centred education. As a Life Skills teacher and school counsellor, it gives me joy to bring a smile on my learners faces whenever they face psychosocial challenges.6. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?I absolutely love traveling in my free time and I enjoy gourmet cooking and dressmaking.

7. What is the greatest thing you have ever achieved?I’ve had many achievements in my life, career wise and personal. One of my greatest achievements in my life was, raising three sons to adulthood as a single parent, and seeing my lastborn graduating.

8. Do you have any motivation for prospective teachers?My motivation to young aspiring teachers is to remember that teachers are leaders. A teacher that inspires, is a role model. Connect with your learners, reach out to them on multiple levels, because teaching is both inside and outside the classrooms. Make learning fun, stimulating and your classroom an exciting environment.

Develop plans to recognise all learners’ abilities, work as a team, and communicate with other teachers. A teacher with the passion and ability to inspire learners, is a teacher who will be long remembered.