Youngsters present at the fourth Africa Youth in Tourism Innovation Summit share their opinion about youth being well represented within the tourism industry.

Haamandishe Thapisa

The youth are very well represented. Prior to seeing how the entire globe is working together and supporting us as youth, I don't believe my response would have been the same, but now I can say that we are very much supported.

Abisai Nekamba

No, as I still come across a lot of older people taking up the tourism space. We are not well represented. Also, we do not have the opportunities to open tour guide facilities as that area is already overpopulated.

Appolos Kaiyamo

The youth still lack adequate knowledge about the tourism sector, but I think there are issues on both sides because they aren't yet eager to enter it, which may be because there aren't enough opportunities.

Victoria Shatiwa

The youth is not well informed on the tourism industry as it is evident that they are not taking up the space in the industry. When tourism-related opportunities arise to showcase their art or business, the youth do not acquire it well enough.

Victoria Petrus

Adults dominate the tourist sector more than ever before because we engage in more adventurous pursuits. We have no interest in learning about the history of tourism or understanding the correct framework in which Namibia's tourism business functions.

Jeany Kadhikwa

I don't think the youth is well represented in the tourism industry because I feel like the youth is looked down upon and their voices are not really supported. Both private and public enterprises are run by older people, while higher positions are also given to older staff.