A look at Pro-Ed Primary

07 June 2019 | Education

Charmaine Easts and Chad Langenstrassen

As most of us know, the primary school consists of learners ranging from six to fourteen years of age. Grade one to three range from six to nine years in age. Grade four to seven range from ten to fourteen years. Many kids from grade one to four were very shy to talk to the two high school students the day of our visit to Pro-Ed Primary.

Almost all the classes from grade one to four said that the teachers are not very strict. One boy and one girl from every class were asked a few questions. A lot of girls love netball as a sport, therefore, they also play it during break.

We also asked them what type of games they like and the results disappointed us as grade three boys like to play on their PlayStations and Xboxes.

The children from grade 5-7 are happy in Pro-Ed. They enjoy themselves so much that they hardly come late to class. Mister Willie has a well-thought plan of how the school should be and how the school must run. He strives to handle everything very professionally: it makes the school operate in an organised way.

These children talk about how they will start practicing after they return home from a day well spent at school. Practicing for a sports event in the near future or even for their own benefit. I have seen that the teachers try their best to make the lessons as fun as possible. The future of these children will be bright. Mister Willie gave us a brief explanation of what he has planned for the future of the school.

There are many stories about Pro-Ed, but there is one that especially caught our attention. The first thing placed on the property. It was a tree, and it has grown to be as beautiful as it is today. It has grown massively and has a good story that depicts Pro-Ed history - you can write a whole book about it. Being part of Pro-Ed is about respect and gaining, keeping and earning your respect.

All eyes are on the primary for their upcoming dramatic arts showcase under the watchful eye of Mrs Janinne Nasalowski.

That is why Pro-Ed is a school with a difference and a BIG difference we make. Come join us and we will prepare your future with a bright haze of sunshine, a light sea breeze and fulfilling education. We are a family, like no other. A pack of wolves to be remembered.