Always working towards the bigger picture

30 April 2021 | People

“Surprisingly, working with people and organisations with various backgrounds has been by far the most fulfilling.”

Monique Adams

She was born and raised in Swakopmund. Her primary role in procurement is to ensure that the organisation’s cost-to-serve ratio as prescribed in the corporate strategy is achieved. Being the custodian of all financial commitments within the Fund, it is the responsibility of her division to ensure that the Fund does not only spend within the cost-to-serve ratio, but to also keeps the procured costs as low as possible without compromising quality.

Naris said after joining the unit in 2017, they started reviewing the procurement policy that had been approved in 2018. The policy is the key driver in optimising compliance and efficiency for procurement within the Fund.

“I must emphasise that I would not have been awarded the top performer, if it were not for the support I received from my team members. Each member has a role in this process so I must acknowledge that everyone in the finance department possesses diligence, commitment and exceptional teamwork which is commendable,” she says.

Her demanding role comes with great challenges. One of the challenges is the fact that suppliers at times do not meet their commitments. This puts a lot of pressure on the department, which must often make difficult decisions such as blacklisting them from the suppliers list. She is however quick to mention that one of the perks she enjoys is the good relations she has built with various individuals and organisations over time.

Naris is currently studying towards a master’s degree in development finance through the Stellenbosch Business School. Apart from being a full-time employee at the Fund, she lectures part-time and has an interest in real estate and micro-lending.

“What I look forward to in the future is to not only achieve goals, but attain them with excellence. Having access to various industries through the procurement unit, I have developed a strong passion for investments, asset management and exploring options to learn and grow within that space. It is indeed a clear example that anything is possible with good planning,” she says.