Career fair a huge success

19 July 2019 | Education

By Vapitavi Ndura

The business school club is the best way to spark a child’s interest in learning. It gives learners a chance to question how or why things work and work towards solutions. The club prepares learners to choose and make choices regarding their careers, tests and materials they will learn later in the future.

The aims of the club are to expose learners to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario, to let the learners interact with business experts of the industry, to encourage learners to become various school event managers, build self-confidence and practise approach as well as to increase financial literacy amongst students.

The business school club was first established in 2017 which was formerly known as commerce club under the leadership of Ms Shivula with 20 members. The club was established with a perceived need for career guidance amongst grade 12 learners since some lacked the knowledge or were “confused” about what their career choices were. The first career fair was held in the same year inviting professionals in the field of commerce to come and speak to the learners. In 2018 the club went on a standstill because Ms Shivula had taken up an opportunity to another school.

This year two senior learners Adelina Kakomwa and Luisa Hango decided to revive the club. Currently the club has over 35 members which keep growing at a steady pace.

The club decided to host a career fair as at most career fairs the main focus was on learners who had science subjects and did not cater everybody. The club invited professionals ranging from Chartered Accountants, Law students, Auditors and Assistant Consultant managers, professionals from Deloitte & Touché and Ernst & Young were present.

Speaking to Adelina she said, “The career fair was a massive success with all the hard work put in by all the members, it was a privilege to see such a big turnout. The career fair did not only cater for Duinesig High School but for other schools such as Kuisebmund Secondary School, Tutaleni High School, De Duine High school and Duneside High School were all present.