Clean up campaign at Independence Beach

19 July 2019 | Education

Esperanca Sinvula

As it has been reported, the ocean is filled with plastic bags and all sorts of unnecessary waste. This prompted local schools in the vicinity of Independence Beach like Duinesig Combined School and Tutaleni High School to join Namport’s Cleaning Campaign. This was also part of the World Ocean’s Day celebrations. While some learners were busy cleaning up the beach, the rest of Duinesig’s learners were at school, busy cleaning the school premises as well as classrooms.

Majority of the learners said they had a great experience cleaning the beach. “We are really happy that our school has decided to get the learners involved in activities that are not only fun but educational as well. Going beyond the school premises and collaborating with other schools to help do good is what makes us feel good about ourselves.

At the end of the day the learners were rewarded with re-usable bags as well as snacks for a job well done.