Demia’s top learners reveal what makes them different.

19 July 2019 | Education

Auguste Alweendo and Chilombo Simataa

A dux learner is someone that has discipline, is committed to their academics and performs exceptionally. Do you ever wonder how they do it? Well, lets hear it from Academia’s very own senior dux learner, Yamikani Mnthambala and the junior dux, Eden Simon.

Yamikani is currently in the top 2 in grade 12. He has achieved an average of 61% with four of his subjects on higher level. Yamikani is a very sociable person and is known by almost every learner in the school. When asked how he feels about his achievement, Yamikani said that he feels grateful to God for his achievement and for the fact that the amount of effort and hard work he put in through out has truly paid off. In his spare time his interests include, making music, dancing, drawing, poetry and skateboarding. He says, “although it seems like I am an island, I do have accomplished individuals I look up to such as Malcolm X, Stevie Wonders and Rosa Parks, all ordinary people that took a stand to do something with their lives. Yamikani would hence advice his fellow learners to “do everything with a purpose or reason, because until you’re familiar with the stars, you’ll never know how to get to the sun.

Eden Simon has proudly held the title of first place every consecutive term since he joined Academia in 2016 until now, 2019. Eden is inspired by the renowned Namibian athlete, Frank Fredricks because he represented Namibia internationally and Eden aspires to one day do the same one day. Eden is motivated to focus on his studies by his family and his country as he wants to make both proud. When asked what he would tell his fellow students, Eden said, “believe in yourselves, study hard, believe you are smart, do not give up and believe you are destined for great fortune”

Being a top student is hard work but with a little bit of passion and a load of commitment. Anyone can be a dux learner if they combine hard work, efforts commitment and time management.