Editor's Column

31 March 2020 | Education

An editor, as it is my first time writing for SSS newspaper, I'm truly speechless. I never thought that I will ever be in this position, since I just joined last year. Throughout my year of being a journalist, I've seen editors hungry for news and made sure that stories were told and written in a professional manner.

They inspired me to write my very best stories and showed me that I had the ability to accomplish greatness. In my own words I would say that an editor is someone who gives assignments to the journalists and make sure that the message is conveyed properly. The editor is in charge of bringing information to the viewers and make sure that people understand what is happening around them.

SSS is full of hidden talents and children with great potential to become amazing leaders, speakers and public figures. I'm so thankful to have this opportunity, it will help me understand myself better and what I'm capable of becoming. What I experienced throughout my year as a journalist showed me my potential and the greatness I can accomplish when i put my mind to it, it also showed me that I've what it takes to be an editor for the newspaper.

So I urge you to step out of your comfort zone, try and see the world in a different perspective and you will become the best you can.