Ellen Pakkies visist Duinesig

19 July 2019 | Education

Da-Barth Eichas

Social activist Ellen Pakkies visited Duinesig Combined School as part of her Coastal Tour. She shared her heartbreaking story of how she grew up knowing only abuse and rape. In 2007 she murdered her drug addicted son Abe. She shared her story as a means to motivate the learners, and educate them on the dangers of drugs and alcohol abuse. One of the learners, Shaldon Johannes said that what he learned from Ellen’s story is that you should focus on the future and to remember what you reap, you sow. Vendjizuva Kamatuka also said that Ellen is an inspiration and that as learners we should stay away from anything that affects us negatively. “We should be confident and always believe in ourselves. Perkansius Narcos said that the message from Ellen was clear. “We should stay away from drugs.”