Good Samaritan ploughs back

13 August 2019 | Education

Michelline Nawatises

Kaleb Haipinge, a self-employed visual artist, parent and community member, donated building material of N$10 000 on 6 August to the A. Shipena Secondary School.

A. Shipena is running a holistic campaign to improve the results at the school. The main objective of this initiative is to motivate learners to work hard and achieve their goals by improving the living conditions of the hostel boarders to make it a haven and a home away from home.

The school, along with the parents, decided to take hands and assist the government to create a conducive learning environment for its learners. Haipinge has urged the Soweto community to join hands and assist the school. “A. Shipena has been supporting my business through the years. This is a way of saying thank you to the school. I call on the rest of the community members to take this school to another level,” Haipinge said. He further mentioned that it doesn’t have to be a big chunk, even a brick will improve the circumstances at the school.

The principal of the school, Moses Haufiku, expressed his gratitude. I wholeheartedly appreciate the effort Haipinge has made. It is good to see that the parents of the community is meeting the government halfway,” Haufiku said.

He further mentioned the impact parental involvement has. “This is a clear indication that parental involvement from the community plays a major role,” he said.

In the same vein, the superintendent of the hostel, Ntwala Clara Mwazi Simataa excitingly thanked Haipinge for the donation. “We are going to put the material to good use; we did not have doors for the hostel rooms, now the learners will be safe at night, all thanks to Haipinge,” she said.

A learner who stays in the hostel, Henry Ahrens, added: “We can be safe now with no worries, in the past doors were broken and couldn’t be locked,” he said.