How do we make the youth happy?

13 August 2019 | Opinion

Silas Mujeri

The youth plays a pivotal role in all spectrums of morale development. Youth involvement in how we shape society allows development in various sectors of the country. We need to see more young leaders in decision-making.

Warren Beukes

I feel every young person in Namibia should believe in him or herself. It does not matter what your circumstances are, you should always feel encouraged to take charge of your life. I think the government should give the youth the necessary tools to equip themselves.

Cleopatra Geises

I feel like the youth is lacking in positive activities. Most people think concerts and parties are the only things that boost young people’s morale. There can be activities that give back to the community like seminars, including planning for what to do after college or high school.

Celine Ndongo

There are numerous ways in which the morale of the youth can be improved. For starters, a lot of people deal with anxiety and this may be due to the behaviour of others. If one can be taught to overcome this, they will be able to go out there and make something of themselves.

Melanea Nangolo

Growing up has never been easy. I’d say believing in yourself could be a good start. With that, all can be achieved. Motivate each other. Support each other. We as the youth should learn to lift each other up and to not breakdown one another.

Salome Mangaba

The youth needs motivation from family members, lecturers and friends. This can help boost our morale because the energy of those around us is contagious. When the people we surround ourselves with are positive and hopeful, that tends to influence them well.

Gordan Keith

By keeping the youth involved in all matters, whether politically or socially, helps to lift the spirits or our youth. By giving the youth a voice we are able to lift their spirits and strengthen self-motivation and their self-belief.

Willyroyed-Shode Feris

Developing a general sense of curiosity amongst the youth will keep them interested and uplift them, because once you are interested in something, you will find a way to do it. Sparking interest can provide passion and determination.

Vaino Alweendo

Politically speaking, I think the youth is not well informed. I believe there are not enough political platforms. I hear statements from the youth that say they will not vote, but these are the same people who complain about the way politicians are running things.

Jasmin Emad Eldin

I believe more motivational stories should be shared. The youth needs more relevant stories they can relate to. Our youth needs moral support and we need to create opportunities to boost their confidence, to encourage them to break free from the societal pressures.

Rakkel Uugulu

By investing in sports we can create more opportunities to boost the confidence of our youth. We need to create and become a part of clubs where one can improve their public speaking skills and support more conferences and campaigns like BeFree.

Mario Mankele

It is hard to find a place where you are not judged. Someone always has a bag of judgement they want to throw around and we can’t run away from this. You need to stay true to who you are, regardless of the opinions of others.

Damian Adams

You are responsible for your own morale. We are all in the same ocean and it is up to us to choose how you are going to swim. Regardless of perceptions, social constructs or personal preference, you can’t decide to stop doing what makes you happy because others don’t approve.