Individual and professional growth

Trevor Ndjadila is the business development manager at Alexander Forbes.

23 April 2021 | People

Wetumwene Shikage

Ndjadila holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University, as well as a postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate in business management.

Ndjadila has interesting memories of his childhood, with his favourite being the bookshelf his parents had at home. He and his siblings are avid readers who started exploring those books at a very young age while.

“It has really set us up well for this journey called life and I’m trying to emulate a similar shelf for my kids and set a good foundation for them in future,” he said.

Ndjadila describes his position as business development manager as an exciting and challenging journey for him to manage the investment business. “I have grown both individually and professionally. Over the years we have had some challenges similar to our peers in this sector but were able to remain resolute, accept the new normal and position ourselves with excellent strategic goals going forward,” he says.

A typical day for him includes getting up at 06:00, heading to the gym before catching up on market and economic news and then going through his to-do list for the week. Included in his busy daily schedule are client investment report-backs, new business meetings, internal and external strategic planning and meetings, and a host of administrative and legal responsibilities.


“In our business our success is highly interrelated with the success of our clients. We tend to advise our clients to invest for the long term and not be distracted by cyclical events such as economic downturns or challenges, as these are expected in a volatile market. My major accomplishment continues to be adding extreme value through various means and willingness to reinvent myself,” says Ndjadila.

To continuously remain innovative with the solutions they provide and adding value to the client’s investments as a reward for putting their trust with them remains the goal.

“Just being able to manage myself through the challenges that life throws my way and the ability to navigate myself through it while maintaining an excellent personality and treating family, friends, colleagues, clients and strangers exactly how you’d like to be treated,” he says.

Ndjadila is an all-rounder and is always willing to try new things if it gives him the time to spend with those close to him. However, preferably he would always opt to spend some time indoors reading, watching sports, and enjoying a good movie, series, or documentary.

His inspirations are to try and make life simpler for himself by creating decent habits, living a minimalistic life, and seeing the world through the eyes of his kids.


He believes that no one else can give you the exact answers you need to be happy and successful. There are many important answers only you can give yourself, through first-hand experience and self-reflection. With his main message being to stop listening to what the world says you should want and start listening to who you are.

1. Ambivert.

2. Strong-minded.

3. Dark horse.

4. Confident.

5. Peaceful.

6. Helpful.

7. Avid reader.

8. He likes to keep things simple.

9. He jokes a lot but can be a very serious person.

10. He loves Stellenbosch Restaurant’s malva pudding.