Jazzing the night away

22 September 2017 | Youth

There was a hum of excitement in the days leading up to the St Paul’s Jazz Evening. The event was held on Friday 2 June on the top floor of the Higher Centre and featured renowned South African Jazz duo Christien Conradie and Phillip Holder, who were specially flown up for the event.
On the morning of the event, the musicians treated the pupils of the school to a preview of their performance. The students were exposed to a style of music that many were unfamiliar with. While some initially had reservations about this new genre, their minds were quickly changed as the musicians beguiled the audience with their stirring melodies. While enjoying the music, the students were also introduced to the basic history of Jazz music.
The Jazz Evening was an absolute success. A committee of parents and teachers absolutely transformed the venue into a magical space that transported guests to 1920s New Orleans at the height of the Jazz Age. Tables covered with organza were spread through the room and black paper silhouettes of jazz musicians hung on the walls. In keeping with the theme, street food such as pulled pork or chicken rolls was available for those who needed some dinner.
Throughout their performance, the musicians made sure to involve the audience in the show. The saxophonist, Phillip Holder, walked through the audience as he played, luring people on to the dance floor. He was a true performer and encouraged everyone to seize the opportunity to ‘let loose’ and enjoy themselves thoroughly. The evening culminated in the whole audience; teachers, parents and students alike, taking to the dance floor. Everyone, young and old, had a wonderful time.