Learners have their say on earlier school closure

15 October 2019 | Opinion

Due to the upcoming general election, schools are set to close earlier this year, on 22 November. The Zone visited A Shipena Secondary School and asked the learners how they are coping with the limited time they have to complete their syllabus.

Hashotoshi Leonard

Many kids at primary school think it is an advantage for them, because they will have a long holiday, but for us in high school, we find it hard to catch up as there is still a lot that needs to be done. This might lead us to write exams without covering every topic in our textbooks.

Justina Nghiinomenwa

I think schools closing earlier for the election is not a good idea, because staying out of school only gives learners time and space to be involved in the wrong things, such as stealing and taking drugs and alcohol. Apart from that it also gives us the privilege of teaching us how to study under pressure and with limited time.

Kristofina Jonas

The early closure puts a lot of pressure on us and the teachers. This makes most of us feel like we might end up failing, but my advice to my peers is that we must draw up a study timetable, limit our playtime, relax our minds and not panic; everything will stay right on track.

Andrew Uukongo

The starting date of the exams being shifted to 1 November has led us to doing large amounts of work in a short period of time. This was somehow a good idea, as we will have enough time to rest for next year. However, I am also facing challenges, as I will have to change my studying style and my daily routine.

Mbanze Laurensia

We are coping badly because there is too much pressure put on us by the teachers. Every teacher is putting pressure on us, so they are able to finish the syllabus on-time. It is really tough to decide which subject to focus on more, since there is no time. Sometimes the teachers are fast when it comes to teaching and one can find it hard to catch up.

Uapyona Mbaha

It is really a challenge for both the teachers and learners. We still have a lot of work to do, so we are trying our best to finish the work as soon as possible. Hopefully things will turn out right and we will have a smooth exam.

Alert Kativa

We will have more days during the holidays and I will be able to prepare for next year’s grade 12. I also feel schools should not close early, because registered learners and teachers can always go and vote after school. This mean more time wasted and more knowledge lost.

Kasaona Viundikua

I think it is a good idea. We will have more time during the holidays in order to rest and also prepare ourselves for the challenging grade 12 year that lies ahead. You can always catch up on some studying.

Nangolo Tangi

It is not a great idea, because the teachers are putting too much pressure on us and are rushing to complete the syllabus. Effective teaching and learning does not take place this way.

Ruzo Campbell

The pressure from teachers will affect as negatively, as learners may end up getting worse academic results, which can lead to a high failure rate. It is very stressful, as this is our last term and we don’t have a chance to make things right. I suggest that teachers should teach afternoon classes to complete the work on-time.

Gabriel Martha

We are really not coping. There is so much to be done and little time to do it. We have a lot of subjects and each one needs concentration. Learners are not passing when they have a lot of time to study, so imagine now that they only have weeks. This is the last semester and it is really stressful.

Ndakomani Eben Ezel

Due to the fact that exams have to be written earlier this year, there will be negative effects on the study schedule. Since I’m a bit slow, I may not finish all the chapters or have enough time for revision. But as they say, a nimble sixpence is worth a slow shilling.