Making employees feel at home at Plastic Packaging

19 July 2019 | Business

Jonell Malan

Human resource management is essentially the management of human resources (HR). It is a function in organisations designed to maximise employee performance in the service of an employer’s strategic objectives.

One empowers the employees of a company by listening and understanding the concerns they have and assisting them as best you can, by believing in their abilities and helping them continuously improve their skills. The role HR plays in an organisation is vital.

At Plastic Packaging, the HR department is the newest baby - currently working towards consolidating and centralising the HR functions from all our branches and subsidiaries. Starting a new job is a daunting experience.

The best way to welcome an employee at an organisation is by introducing the new employee to all departments, taking them through our factory and explaining the business flow. Before starting with the induction, Plastic Packaging ensures the employee is comfortable and well-acquainted with the organisation.

Human resources is an essential part of an organisation as it focuses on managing and cultivating talent and human capital - two of the most vital aspects of an organisation. To borrow the shoes of a person in the HR department is quite challenging, as one deals with training and development for all departments, as well a recruiting and selection functions such as advertising vacancies, shortlisting, interviews, managing employee files and information, employee welfare and all HR-related issues.

Managing the work environment is as important’ you have to set rules of conduct and behaviour and maintain an open-door policy and positive relationships with employees and supervisors. You also have to deal with conflict in an orderly and conducive manner. What I dislike about the world of HR is the pressure it brings to ensure that employees are constantly satisfied, and dealing with disgruntled employees. The rest is also enjoyable.

A growing trend of HR that will gain more attention is diversity within the workplace - increasing it, managing it and using it to an organisation’s advantage. Technological developments within the HR industry could streamline and improve feedback sent and received by the HR department, in the form of employee welfare apps and programmes for performance management.

Human Resource Officer at Plastic Packaging.

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