Meet the chem squad

12 July 2019 | Education

Katrina Frans and Monifa Basson

Chemistry is the study of how substances combine and react with one another. Chemistry has been introduced as a choice subject by the government as part of the new curriculum for the grade 10s.

Many chose chemistry as it sounds wonderful and experimental in comparison to physics. Others chose chemistry because they would like to work with physical quantities, and chemicals. Many may have chosen chemistry as it might be a part of the subject requirement for their career choices, as they might have dreams of becoming well known and famous like others in history such as Albert Einstein.

With chemistry you can become a biochemist or scientist. Scientists are known for their hard work and determination to find cures for diseases and viruses all over the world, they are still in search for a cure for the HIV-virus and they are determined and will stop and nothing till they do find a cure for HIV. Those are very important reasons why parents and teachers opt to encourage their children to consider take up chemistry and studying to become scientists and help with the battle of finding a cure for other diseases and viruses.

Parents also want their children to achieve more so they may one day become the next Robert Einstein, the man who discovered gravitational force. Chemistry might be fun but if you don’t have the drive or the passion for it, it might be very hard to pass it. The future lies in the hands of the beholders.