New kid on the block of TransNamib

Bertus Christiaan joins the Rail It team

30 April 2021 | People

Pull quote: “It is a new position with new challenges which I am optimistic to learn and apply new methods for the benefit of the company.” - Bertus Christiaan

Michelline Nawatises

Bertus was born at Karasburg but raised in a communal area called Haib. He started school at Gabis, which is a Catholic school, and later joined Ernst Jager from grade two to grade nine. He finished school at Karas High.

Christiaan describes himself as a highly determined individual who likes to set goals and achieve them. From 2007 to 2010, he worked for VKE Consulting Engineers where they designed roads. In 2010 Bertus moved to Rosh Pinah where he worked at the zinc mine where he was responsible for all construction and civil maintenance works.

From 2014 to 2015 he worked at Nexus where he was responsible for the construction of a bitumen standard road to a value of N$100 million and bulk earthworks for the Ondangwa prison to the tune of N$21 million. He then started a construction company that worked for various mines with a total workforce of 180 employees at its peak of operations and joined TransNamib on 12 April 2021 as the regional engineer for civil infrastructure.

His duties include translating sectional performance standards into work programmes, allocating work, monitoring progress and taking corrective actions when necessary, as well as civil infrastructure maintenance. Christiaan will also be responsible for developing operating systems and facilitating their implementation in the section (e.g., policies, procedures, processes) for quality management of construction/maintenance work.

His portfolio is a crucial one for TransNamib and his day consists of coordinating and controlling the construction, repair and maintenance of the permanent way, buildings and structures in the civil infrastructure section of the company, to ensure a safe infrastructure and the smooth running of rolling stock, management of human resources, and liaising with external stakeholders.

Educational History

• Bachelor of Technology: Civil Engineering- Namibia University of Science and Technology (2009)

• Post Graduate Diploma: Project Management- University of Stellenbosch (2014)

• Master Degree: Business Administration- University of Stellenbosch (2019)

Christiaan says he has fit into the culture of the company and is sure his contribution will be significant for the company.

“It is a new position with new challenges which I am optimistic to learn and apply new methods for the benefit of the company,” he says.

“I chose this career path because I enjoy building and construction activities. Managing projects gives me positive satisfaction especially when completed on time and within budget at the specified quality.”

He has completed various projects within cost, specifications, and time throughout his career.

“I believe it is a huge accomplishment to complete an MBA,” he says. One of the major challenges that he was faced with is company politics that constrain performance.

Christiaan is optimistic about the new strategy being planned by the executive team to take this company forward, after all, their performances are impacted by the strategic decisions taken by management. “With the relevant support, I am sure that I will make a success in this position. We measure the base of our project on quality, cost and time which are quantitative tools,” he adds.

The ambitious individual believes he has the necessary attributes to lead TransNamib into the future by going through various structures and positions.