20 October 2017 | Youth

De Duine LRC’s of 2017 have done an incredible job this year. Since the beginning of the year the LRC’s have done all tasks they have set for themselves. They say that they are honoured to be the leaders of the school and leaders for the future. There were 30 LRC’s members. The group has its four heads. The head boy Veikko Shawapala, the head girl Shenise McNab, the deputy head boy Eduardo Appollis and the deputy head girl Rashenda Izaaks. These were the four students that were the top leaders under the teachers. They have done their jobs by leading and being an example. Every event the LRC’s have done has been successful from the start till the end.
For the upcoming grade 12 final exam the LRC member have been focusing on their exam leaving the job to the newly elected LRC’s of 2018 which were elected by Mr Links, Mr Neporo and Mrs Koning. So far the new leaders have not started officially and are taking tips from the current LRC’s. LRC member of 2017 Anna Amakali has said that the LRC’s of 2018 will do a great job, but there will be a number of challenges they will face and one of them is team work. If they can work as a team they will do an incredible job. The 2018 LRC’s has shown that they can work as a team when they did a great job handing out the invitations of the grade 12 matrix farewell. The teachers said that they did a job that is unforgettable. The head boy Veikko Shawapala said “The biggest challenge the LRC’s of 2018 will face will be the event planning”. It was a big challenge for us so it will also be for them”. Veikko was asked if the 2018 LRC’s will do a better job than the current LRC’s and he said that they will do a slightly better job than them. This is what the head boy had to say about the 2018 leaders of De Duine S.S. He said: “I think they have great potential and they would be able to take most of the punches next year”. From his words it clearly states that the future leaders have a great chance. The new LRC’s also consist of 30 members but with no heads well not yet. The heads of next year will be named later this year. But the question still remains are the new elected LRC’s be better than the current LRC’s of 2017?