Passionately investing in education

25 years of love, dedication and perseverance

30 July 2021 | People

Mariselle Stofberg

Lizelle Coetzee has been a teacher for 25 years and continues to strive towards creating a safe and creative learning environment.

Currently Coetzee is a pre-primary school teacher at Ruimte Primary School in Rehoboth.

“What I love most about my work is the innocence and genuineness of my learners and their excitement to see me in the mornings warms my heart every day.”

Coetzee became a teacher in 1996 and followed in the footsteps of her mother, who was in the teaching profession for 40 years. “I have always wanted to follow in her footsteps. Today I can proudly say I’m a teacher and I enjoy every moment of this journey.”

For Coetzee the best part of being a teacher is the feeling of pride and satisfaction when a little child knows something or can successfully practice a skill, she taught them. “Seeing them grow and learn new things is something I adore about my job.”

She studied for four years at the Windhoek College of Education and did a combined course for junior primary and pre-primary. Coetzee started her teaching career at Ruimte Primary School in Rehoboth where she taught grade four for five years, grade three for 18 years and for the past three years she has been teaching prep-primary.

“The highlight of my teaching career has been when I was awarded the best teacher award for my school in 2014. That was such an amazing acknowledgement for the hard work one puts in every day,” she says.

For Coetzee, teaching is not just a profession, but is part of who she is. “In my spare time, I enjoy making teaching aids that will assist me in my lessons. Teaching is my passion and brings me joy, so whenever I can pursue activities related to that, I’m at my happiest.”

Her learners have taught her to give her best at all times, to be humble, be herself and to accept yourself as is. “The learners don’t judge you. They love you just the way you are and no matter what, and that is such a beautiful thing to know and see daily.”

Even though she thinks it might sound cliché, Coetzee strongly believes that it is her learners that keep her going daily. “They inspire me to continue teaching and give my best. Their innocence, genuineness and excitement to see me in the mornings makes my heart warm. That is something I will always cherish.”