Resilient and strong

Waggie is an inspirational go-getter

19 July 2019 | Business

Mariselle Stofberg

With her tenacious attitude, collaborative nature and desire to always learn and draw from other people’s knowledge and experience, Leorine Waggie is clearly on the road to more successes.

Waggie is the finance manager in the exploration and production (E&P) department at the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) in Windhoek.

While numbers and reports might intimidate others, this independent woman is passionate and excited about the work she does.

She draws her inspiration from Nangula Uaandja, the country senior partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), who went on to become the first black women to qualify as a chartered accountant and was named Namibian businesswoman of the year in 2011.

“I strive to become better at what I do and grow with Namcor, as it becomes a big player in the oil and gas industry, and finally to inspire people to learn more about the oil and gas industry,” Waggie said.

She hopes to one day also broaden her knowledge by learning Korean.

Waggie is responsible for financial management and reporting, which includes producing periodic financial reports, maintaining an adequate system of financial records, preparing and reporting on budgets and cash flow.

“Additionally, I have to ensure that the relevant controls are observed and that the financial records are accurate and comply with the relevant accounting policies, principles and international financial reporting standards.”

Waggie grew up in Rehoboth, where she matriculated from M&K Gertze High School. She later moved to Windhoek when she started working. Not only did she manage her work, but used this drive to simultaneously study and successfully complete her bachelor’s degree in accounting and a postgraduate diploma in internal auditing at the University of Namibia (Unam).

Her hardworking nature is the core character trait that enabled Waggie to qualify for a bursary that enabled her to study abroad.

“In 2015, I was awarded the Petrofund/ Namcor scholarship to study at Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen, Scotland.”

This scholarship allowed her to obtain her MSc degree in oil and gas accounting at RGU. “This achievement resulted in me being promoted to the financial manager position for the E&P department where I can specifically apply what I have learned for the benefit of the E&P department and Namcor,” she said.

Even though Waggie has achieved great success, she always gives credit to her hardworking team. “I am inspired by teams that work hard to achieve common goals.” Waggie explained that planning, organising and prioritising allows one to achieve as much as possible with each day you are given.

Being strict with employees, in order to achieve these common goals, has been a challenge for Waggie, but she has never been one to turn down a challenge, as she also looks up to the tenacious former British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher.

“I needed to learn how to manage and motivate employees in order to align and work hard to meet deadlines to provide accurate, relevant and on-time information for management decision-making purposes. Another challenge that just comes with the nature of the job is maintaining a healthy work and life balance.”

Waggie’s guilty pleasure is reading romantic novels, especially Afrikaans ones, and she enjoys building jigsaw puzzles when time permits.

She also auditioned for the Big Brother reality show, pushing herself outside her comfort zone. This quiet yet tough and determined woman stresses the importance of education and empowering yourself with knowledge.

“Education is key, so never stop learning and pursue careers that you are passionate about,” Waggie added.


Photo 1: Leorine Waggie is passionate, resilient and strong.

Photo 2: Leorine Waggie and her team at Namcor.