RFA’s go-getter

Changing perceptions regarding accounting

09 August 2019 | People

Evany van Wyk

Mercia Maurihungirire is a full-time financial accountant at Road Fund Administration (RFA), married to a wonderful husband and busy raising two sons and a daughter. It is clear that there is no stopping this driven career woman as she tells Careers more about her job, beliefs and what she thinks the future has in store for accounting graduates in Namibia.

In grade 11, Maurihungirire was left standing at a crossroads. She had As in all her subjects, but a B in accounting, her favourite subject. “I always had a passion for accounting since high school to the point where I had a hard time choosing between the science field and the commerce field,” she said. Deciding to follow her heart and choosing what she loved, today she is a qualified accountant with a successful career ahead.

She boasts with a Bachelor’s degree from the Namibian University of Science and Technology (Nust) as well as pursuing her post-graduate diploma in business administration at the University of Namibia (Unam) business school. “My current job entails me ensuring that the Fund’s financial records are accurate and in line with the applicable reporting frameworks,” said Maurihungirire.

She further added that as an accountant one is faced with new issues to resolve on a daily basis and one is never at a know-it-all point as in this profession, one needs continuous professional development. “In a nutshell, this job keeps your brain awake,” she said. On the topic of misconceptions, Maurihungirire says she hates that people think accounting is boring. “I would definitely condemn the perception, being an accountant is not a boring job because it is a very challenging profession,” she said.

According to Maurihungirire accounting lies at the heart of any organisation as proper accounting records would be the only way that the owners of the organisation will have a picture of the performance of their respective entity. “I definitely encourage those currently studying in the accounting field to continue pursuing their career goals as the demand for accountants will always be there,” she said.

She said that the high standards of the Namibia Institute for Professional Accountants to which she is accredited, have definitely sharpened her to become the great professional she is today. “Through those challenges I faced, having achieved my certification remains my greatest accomplishment,” she added. One of the ideologies which she lives is by is knowing that nothing is impossible because prayer changes everything.

Maurihungirire is not only a go-getter in her professional life, but also looks to overcome her biggest fear. She mentioned that drowning had been something she was terrified of, but she decided to do something about it and joined a swimming club. “I must say my trainer is doing an excellent job, so watch out for Namibia’s next best swimmer,” she joked.

Her future plans include completing her Master’s degree, specialising in finance, to reach her goal of becoming one of the biggest accounting and finance experts in the corporate world. “When I put my mind to something I will do it regardless of what’s in my way,” Maurihungirire concluded.