Say No More

23 April 2021 | People

Jeanette Diergaardt

The bright and hardworking Tuumweneni Ndeshi Haihambo urges the youth to start and run with whatever business idea they have. According to her the world needs young innovators.

True to the meaning of her name, ‘Say No More’, Ndeshi calls on the youth to say no more in getting their business out there.

Tuumweneni can mostly be found at the markets in Windhoek as well as online at shopguanamibia, an online store where pre-loved items can be bought.

Besides having her own clothing hustle, Ndeshi works at the Craft Centre in Windhoek’s Tal Street, where business is slow because the number of tourists has decreased. According to Ndeshi, more locals are supporting the craft centre and they have seen an increase in the number of locals coming to the shop than before Covid hit.

After Covid hit and without any income Ndeshi came up with a business idea and ran with it.

The difficulty of running a small start-up is competing with the bigger corporations. The one thing that motivates her and keeps her going is creating a better future for her future offspring. Discounts asked by family and friends is something else that discourages her, as family and friends want to pay far less for something than is a reasonable price.

According to Ndeshi, determination and vision are needed to start a small start-up. Of course, one should also have a killer idea in the bag.

In five years’ time Ndeshi would like to see the business environment growing bigger and better for smaller businesses in Namibia, contributing to the circle of life where the businesses and public work together to achieve a better co-working environment for all Namibians.