Taking risks confidently

30 April 2021 | People

Wetumwene Shikage

Maphosa who was raised in Windhoek, is the eldest of four children and is married with two boys. After completing her grade 12 at Delta Secondary School Windhoek she was accepted to study law at the University of Namibia (UNAM). However, she later changed and decided to pursue studies in marketing.

She holds a Bachelor in Marketing Degree, Associates Degree in Business Development and a certificate in Brand management. Maphosa describes herself as a people’s person “As a person, I’m creative, down to earth, composed, caring and passionate about people. I love reading, listening to music and spending quality time with family and friends,” she says.

As marketing manager, her job involves implementing the Alexander Forbes Group marketing strategy, planning and executing advertising campaigns in Namibia, while maintaining the image and brand standards.

Challenges and accomplishments

While Maphosa’s biggest challenge was always playing it safe and never taking risks, her biggest accomplishment was overcoming her challenge and taking risks confidently.

“I believe challenges are opportunities for growth and force us to strengthen ourselves,” she said.

A typical office day for her starts off with a warm cup of green tea, monitoring campaigns, replying to emails, checking in with the charities supported by the company, attending to her “to do list “and any meetings that are scheduled for the day.

Being a mother, she says her children are her loves who inspire her to be a better person. “Their eagerness to learn inspires me and reminds me of what it’s like to just be excited and discover to learn something new every day. They also inspire me to be creative and think out of the box, which, as adults, we sometimes lose the ability to.”

With plans on furthering her education and growing herself, she advises those in the same field type and career path that circumstances should never define them. She says, “Never let your circumstances define you, one can say that our greatest power is our ability to choose, you can change the world. Be the best version of yourself, and once you change the world, change it again!”

Her greatest fear is regret, living a life full of regret, knowing that she is capable and has the ability and confidence to do anything, but yet, end up doing nothing!

Maphosa says if she had the opportunity to change something in the world, it would be ending hate and cruelty that humans show towards one another, promoting peace, love, unity and humility. Making the world a better place.