Teachers as second parents

08 October 2019 | Youth

Ceciliana Shekunza

Teachers play an integral role in moulding a better shape for the future generation. Teachers not only bare the insubordinate behaviour of learners but also the relegation in society.

Teachers are very important as they grow the children into better futurists and strategists. Therefore, a teacher is not only the one that receives payment but also a person that has the ability to change an individual’s knowledge positively.

On 5 October teachers will be celebrating their day. This day is awarded to teachers in order to appreciate and acknowledge their presence. Teachers are regarded to be most sensible, passionate and patient due to the fact that the ability to put up with disrespectful and rebellious children is seldom in most careers.

Teachers cultivate the culture of teaching by exchanging information based on life experiences. They care, love and support their learners regardless of the circumstances and so carry the title of parents. Therefore, teachers are parents at school due to the fact that they reprimand and praise where necessary.

On the contrary, teaching is regarded as a less innovative and less aspiring career and this has tarnished the reputation of this profession. Many high school graduates refuse to interject a teaching career and this has reduced the amount of teachers in modern society. In addition, teachers have the shortest lifespan due to high blood pressure and stress. Therefore, teachers hardly find time for relaxation and this is a common threat to the current teachers.

However, the quandary that teachers endure on a daily basis makes them more effective and proactive in their field. There are multiple educational realms that require skills that only a teacher possesses. For instance, reasoning and emotional intelligence. Life has great positivity when inspired by a teacher. Therefore, teachers give the greatest weapon to vanquish all obstacles in regards to careers.

In essence, teachers are responsible for moulding the future of every young person. Even though teaching is the most underrated profession, every successful person came at the hands of a teacher. A teacher inspires, aspires and holds great importance in making this world a better, safer and cleaner place to inherit.