The Editorial Team of Khomas Zuiden Tura asked their fellow peers what their views are on bunking.

12 July 2019 | Education

Liyali Britney

Bunking is not a good thing because these learners miss out on important lessons in class. This affects their grades in the examinations negatively. I feel it is a waste of time and space especially for the children who can’t attend school.

Elsie Mukwati

I feel that bunking should be better monitored in schools. If a child is not in class he or she will not learn anything. The bunking could be an excuse to get involved in drugs and alcoholic substances.

Petrus Iikuya

Bunking class or school has a very negative impact on a learners’ school work. Standing around in the sun or doing alcohol and drugs during school time will not help you in the future when you need a job.

Elgiver Hansen

Bunking is a serious offense and its becoming a habit at our school which is a very bad thing. Bunking affects the performance of learners because it causes to miss out on important classes, which later leads to failing.

Sofia Erastus

Practicing bunking is not good because it causes the learners to miss out some lessons that can cause failure. It affects the concentration of learners as well. Learners bunk for different reasons, some bunk because of peer pressure and this could lead to emotional problems.

Kevin Bereng

Bunking is a bad thing because it affects your school performance, the main cause to this is the fact that some learners don’t like certain subjects or teachers. Some girls bunk school due to their menstruation. Many schools tried different ways to prevent bunking.

Thomas Daniel

I generally believe that bunking classes has a negative chain reaction on the school system. It is unnecessary and very time consuming, chaotic on the school grounds and it can lead to a very low performance rate for the learner as well as the school.

Valenchia Van Wyk

Bunking in schools, especially high schools seem to be a bigger trend now more than ever. I think that the leaners who bunk are those know don’t know their purpose in school. There should be harsher punishments for whoever bunks. As young people pressure makes us feel like we have to do certain things in order to be “cool”. The learners have to start realising that they are preparing to fail in school and in life itself.

Anclene de Sousa

It is unnecessary and very useless. The sole purpose of coming to school is attend classes and progress but bunking slows down ones purpose and progress. You end up missing important lessons and topics simply because you wanted to skip class and enjoy the sunlight.

Silvia Cloete

I believe that bunking has a big negative impact on the lives of our learners, because it is one of the main reasons for a high failure rate. During the time a learner bunks, they miss out on very important lessons which makes hem prone to failing. I want to encourage learners not to submit to the habit of bunking.