The students of PK De Villiers Secondary School share why they love Namibia.

16 March 2021 | Opinion

Cassandra Poulton

I love Namibia because despite all our differences in political views, ethnicity, and religious beliefs, we still come together and work towards a common good and that is to see the country grow.

Willryna Basson

I love this country for its diverse species like the plants and animals we have here. We also have an amazing ocean that I just can't get over. The cultures also make it worthwhile to stay here.

Charity Higoam

Namibia is one of the richest countries and this is not about the money but of culture and unity. I love all the wonders this country has. The landscapes are perfect for long travels.

Ettiene Isaacks

The special nature and wildlife in Namibia. I love the different cultures and language types.

Annunciata Kahuva

Namibia has the most interesting plants and trees which will make you wonder. Like the Welwitchia and the Kokerboom. Namibia is one of the African countries with the best wildlife resorts. We also have the Namib desert that very important to the Namibian people.

Brookelyn Andries

I love Namibia because of its diverse cultural background and the many languages we speak here. I further love this beautiful country for its ability to work so well together, to run this country smoothly.