This week, My Zone set out to find out what skills or qualities learners think are most valuable in 2021. This is what Edugate Academy learners had to say.

22 June 2021 | Opinion

Mia Botha

It’s definitely self-discipline and the ability to adapt to any situation at hand. You’ll have to be able to focus on what matters today and do your best for that day without complaining, because matters could change in a second and then you’ll have to adapt again.

Markus Mouton

I think the most important skill or quality you can have for 2021 was the most important skill in 2020 as well – a positive and dedicated mindset. With the endless challenges of the last two years, like lockdown or losing a job, it’s always good to have a positive outlook on life.

Leone Janbey

It’s the start of a new year and many of us are already feeling depressed and demotivated… I believe the most valuable skill to have in 2021 is self-motivation, as you are capable of literally anything you set your mind to - even surviving a worldwide pandemic.

Pohamba Hanglua

For me, the most valuable quality you can have this year is perseverance. The pandemic has pushed us to limits we didn’t even know we had. In the moment, it may feel like too much, but with perseverance, we’ll come out of the year as better people.

Luana Marques

The most valuable quality to have in 2021 is patience. We have all endured too many hardships over the last two years, but it’s important that we do not allow ourselves to get too frustrated, as that will only contribute to more difficulties, which we already have enough of.

Rainer Bingham

The ability to adapt is the most important skill to have this year. With Covid-19, our lives have been changed forever and, whether we like it or not, everyone has had to adjust to this new way of living. This shows how adaptation is essential to survival.