Vox Pop

23 February 2021 | Opinion

This week, we asked grade 11 learners at Augustineum Secondary School how social media have affected their school.

Rauna Johannes

Social media has had a positive impact on my studies because Zoom classes were availed as well as WhatsApp groups. These platforms helped us as we can interact with fellow classmates and teachers online when we have a week off to allow the other group of learners to come to school. I have learned a lot from online classes and I also improved my understanding of accounting.

Asifa Beukes

Social media have a positive impact on my studies because I have the privilege to research more and had the chance to get to know things that I did not know. I did not know how to use WhatsApp but after being introduced to online classes I had to learn and now I know how to use WhatsApp.

Vicky Mokaxwa

Social media affected my studies in a positive way due to the fact that study groups were created on WhatsApp and Facebook. I also had access to the internet where I managed to visit websites that helped me in my subjects when I did not understand. At times I would go on YouTube and watch some videos and also attend online classes.

Elvin Ipumbu

Social media have impacted my studies in a positive way and help me understand things that I was not aware of in school. It allowed me to do online classes on the internet and made me aware of brand-new information, content and news. So yeah, I would say it impacted me in a good way.

Lenny English

Social media coms with a lot of benefits such as online WhatsApp school groups or even online YouTube classes, where you can find new information and motivational speakers’ videos that encourage you to study hard. So social media impacted my studies in a positive manner.

Tuwilika Haufiku

I think social media have a positive impact on learners’ studies because currently during the pandemic classes and lessons can continue online. Learners get to become open-minded because they have more access to information and get to learn more.