09 February 2021 | Opinion

My Zone took a trip to Suiderlig Secondary School to see how they are coping with being back at school during a pandemic.

Amber Apols

It feels very good to be back at school. Not only did I get to know so many new people but I am also really looking forward to sharpening my mind so that I am able to the best, academically this year. I am going to make sure that I stick to the Covid-19 regulations throughout the whole year.

Zhane Mayumbelo

I think it’s safe to say that everyone feels much better now that we can all be back at school with our friends because staying home was starting to become very boring. I am excited to be able to redeem myself with my academic performance this year. Covid-19 is still very real and we should pay attention.

Solomon Isaack

It feels so much better being at school because there is a certain structure that everyone can adhere to, not like at home where it’s so easy to just forget to sanitise and wear a mask. I am nothing but grateful to be back at school.

Mbwale Steven

I feel enthusiastic since last year was so unpredictable and challenging. There were many times when I felt confused because school kept opening and closing but I feel more secure this time around.

Johannes Higoam

I am happy to be back at school because it was a huge challenge for our country as a whole but we have another chance to make a success of our lives by completing school. There are many children who do not have this chance, so I am grateful.

Theresia Shiweva

The fact that some of us come from extremely poor backgrounds makes me happy that we have been granted another opportunity to tackle school despite anxieties of Covid-19. My dreams are to achieve results that will propel me into a good future.