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16 February 2021 | Opinion

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, My Zone asked the youth how they best express love in the absence of gifts.

Isabella Prinsloo

Love is expressed by the way we talk with each other or the way we handle each other. Treat others with respect and talk nicely to them; show love not only from your deeds but from your words too. Our deeds show the love we have for each other.

Ruth Iiyambo

Love can be expressed in many different ways and each person likes to express it differently. I like to express love by sending my loved ones messages whereby I thank them for everything they have done for me and also just to remind them that on this special day I am thinking of them.

Grace Burmeister-Nel

I think the best way to express love is to show appreciation to the people you love and to give them something sentimental based on the memories you have together. To make them feel special and appreciated.

Vilio Muunda

There are so many ways to show appreciation and love to your loved ones. For instance, making time to talk to them about basic things goes a long way. And, of course, treating them affectionately - small things like opening a door, so to say.

Kariiue Katjikonde

I believe that the little things mean the most. I express my love to the people I love and to those I have just met by being kind and giving them hugs to reassure them that there is someone who loves and appreciates them .

Kaylah Cordom

I express my love to those I love by giving my time, whether it is checking up on them in person or making a call, even a FaceTime works. I especially love spending quality time with them and encouraging them daily.

Esmarie Cronjé

I show I care for / love someone without using words, through kind or thoughtful gestures. Whether it be as simple as opening a door for my loved one or bringing them flowers for no reason .I believe that little gestures can go a long way.