13 April 2021 | Opinion

The Zone team spoke to a few students from NUST to find out what they think about the Covid-19 vaccine being available now and whether they will be getting their shots.

Darren Iita (20)

“I am excited to hear about the Covid-19 vaccine being sent to our country. Yes, I will be taking the vaccine. We all want everything to return back to normal, we all want this virus to disappear, we all want to feel like we have a stronger immune system and we want to feel safe.”

Charles Robertson (22)

“Yes, I will take the vaccine. There is nothing negative from my part about taking the vaccine. I think it’s a good thing and all Namibians should take it to lower the risk of getting Covid and prevent the spread of Covid. I think it’s beneficial to take it in terms of travelling abroad. I encourage all Namibians to take the vaccine.”

Hilia Shikongo (20)

“I will take the vaccine, because prevention is better than cure and since the vaccine came to Namibia I barely saw the cases rising. We had less deaths, purely because there is hope that Covid-19 will be cured.”

Selvi Ipinge (20)

“I will take the vaccine, because it is preventing me from getting Covid-19.”

Godwin Ameya (21)

”Personally, I have been feeling fine since Covid-19. So, I really doubt that I am going to take the vaccine. I suppose I’m immune to it. I would rather not take the vaccine, because I feel fine.”

Jayla Tjirimuje (20)

“How I feel about the Corona virus injection, I don’t really know a lot about it. I don’t know the side effects or anything, so I don’t know if I will be taking it. But after I do some research, I’m sure that I’m going to take it.”