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11 May 2021 | Opinion

Pujee Tjivikua

Is an LLB (Hons) Unam graduate. “Having graduated is such a surreal feeling. It made me realise how much time I have invested in my academics and at the same time I’m hoping it was all worth it at the end of the day. There are very few of us who are lucky enough to have an opportunity like this, especially for someone coming from a black home. It makes your parents proud. The fact that I had a virtual graduation is quite sad. Everybody looks forward to having that opportunity to throw their cap in the air. Covid has really affected everything, but what made it a bit better was the fact that a group of graduates came together and we all celebrated. But overall it wasn’t the best.”

Delce Hoebes

Is a Unam graduate. She studied local government studies. “It is very exciting and I am very proud of myself to know that I finally graduated. But having a virtual graduation does not really appreciate our hard work and it does not feel like we are being truly celebrated but due to the pandemic and restrictions it is understandable.”

Victoria Nghipona

“I studied at Rhodes University in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. I did my LLB (Hon). Having graduated really gives me a wonderful feeling after having to work hard for that degree and the uncertainty that came with Covid just made it that much more special. Like, I did that. Having a virtual graduation was quite underwhelming, watching the virtual ceremony with just names on a screen. You read your name, that’s great but then you move on with the day if you had nothing planned. But it still felt special if you do celebrate it with loved ones because it’s a major milestone and still an achievement at the end of the day. So, I was grateful and proud of myself nonetheless despite not having the traditional ceremony.”

Innocent Enkali

“I studied in Liaoning province at Fushun Petrochemical University. I was studying towards an honours degree in civil engineering. It really feels great to reach the finish line but finding out that my graduation was going to be virtual didn’t feel as satisfying because from the start one would imagine how graduation day would be like and I can definitely say that a virtual graduation never crossed my mind so it was quite disappointing.”

Fahil Haufiku

“I completed my studies at Unam. I did a BSC in statistics. Completing the degree is a milestone, so graduation has been a relief. Graduation is gratifying in the sense you have something checked on your vision board. Honestly, the virtual graduation saved me the costs and admin attached to the ceremony, even though it would have been truly amazing to have my parents sit next to me with cameras flashing, I’m still honoured to have been awarded the qualification from the comfort of our sitting room.”

Popyeni Shikongo

“I studied Bachelors of Engineering in civil engineering at Liaoning Shihua University in Shenyang, China. It's a great but weird feeling really. One moment you're all joyful and celebrating the next you got to take the world on.

“It would never cross my mind that I'd have to graduate sitting at home watching a Zoom early in the morning. It caught me by surprise and had me feeling down. I would never have thought of my graduation this way. After all the dreams of standing on that stage and being motivated by watching previous graduates walk up there, I was really looking forward to my turn. But here we are today, virtual graduates all over the world.”