Vox pops

09 March 2021 | Opinion

The My Zone team today paid visits to Swakopmund Secondary School and Namib High School. We asked the learners if they think the school systems support sports.

Penouua Kaoti, gr 10, SSS

The school system does not support things like sport enough. Students need to get out of house to play in sports teams. The boys in our school have an interest in sport but there are no sports teams to develop their talents

Mandela Iyambo, gr 10, SSS

The excuse we get from schools is that there are no funds. We only debate within the school walls but do not get the support we need to go elsewhere. Schools are constantly telling us that we need to meet the government halfway. Their excuse is that there is no time and no money.

Emmerencia Easies, gr 11, SSS

No, schools aren't doing enough. We have a lot of potential and a lack of support. I don't know if it's the teachers or the government but we can't go anywhere.

Kimberley Keis, grd 11, SSS

No, everything at our school is down to yourself. They do not let us explore and express our minds.

Tuwilika Shileka, gr 10, Namib High School

In Swakopmund the private schools do a lot for sports. My school focuses on art but they can do more for sport. There are no teams for girls and they definitely focus more on academics. I think they also tend to focus on the majority and not the minority who may struggle at times.

Ockert Zeelie, gr 10, Namib High School

I think the government is preparing students for their own benefit. I enjoy art but there are not enough opportunities as an artist so artists are forced to go overseas.