‘We are the change’

10 September 2019 | Youth

The DREAMS girls’ camp was recently hosted by Ekulo Senior Secondary School.

The camp was held in Oshikoto and was arranged by Project Hope and Star for Life in, conjunction with the regional education directorate.

Star for Life is one of the organisations that implements the DREAMS Project in Oshikoto.

The camp attracted more than 200 girls under the leadership of Desmond Kapuka, the school’s health coordinator, and coaches from all the represented schools were present.

Twenty schools from three districts (Tsumeb, Omuthiya and Onanjokwe) participated in the camp.

The camp started on 9 August and ended on 11 August. The purpose of the camp was to strengthen peer educators at schools, so they know exactly what their responsibilities are, in order for them to be a voice for the girl child.

The camp took place under the theme: ‘We are the Change’.

The main aim was to empower girls to communicate health issues, behaviour changes and interventions with their peers, through awareness activities at their schools.

The programme broadly covered gender-based violence, the importance of education, making the right choices and women’s health issues, etc.

Oshikoto education director Aletta Eises said their dreams will only become a reality, if the girls put some activity into them.

She said it is futile to dream of passing, without opening up a book to study.

Eises said it is wasteful to think of having a life of excellence, when you keep yourself busy with things that do not add value.

The girls were urged to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse and to make the right choices for their lives and future.

Eises further informed the girls that government is trying its best to keep them in school and to uplift them, but cautioned that rights come with responsibilities.

She added that the girls are worth more than diamonds and should conduct themselves as people who are priceless and wonderfully made.

The camp was also packed with fun activities.