X+Y for Why?

19 July 2019 | Education

In high school learning is a very dreadful process. How come? People have different desires and not everybody is fit for school in general. Yes, the current school system has its benefits but there are certain aspects in which its lacking. An example of this would be the fact that there some students are more creatively and artistically gifted than they are intellectually.

School systems force students to only learn a part of things that they are not interested in or do not understand more than half of the work they are learning, leaving them wondering whether it’s necessary.

Most students fail to see the reason as to why they need to acquire knowledge on certain subjects which seem irrelevant an example of this is “Algebra”. According to two students with different perspectives on the topic of Algebra Thandi Jacobs and Yamikani Mnthambala, Yamikani says “Algebra in my opinion is quite easy it’s in correlation to the approach students have towards algebra and they find it difficult because they are lazy”, but then according to Thandi “algebra is easy in my opinion but not needed. Some people think algebra can solve everything but its not true, life is not an equation.

In the end there are both pros and cons to our current school system, there is o system that has no flaw hence there is always room for improvement. Most students feel that schools need to enforce more artistic and creative subject choices and believe that would make their schooling career a better experience. According to Robin Sharma author of BE EXTRAORDINARY THE GREATNESS GUIDE, “Greatness comes with your life that is not only bigger than you but outlasts you”