Grabbing the bull by the horns

Four months and still going strong
Cornelia Goreses joined the National Housing Enterprise (NHE) on 1 April 2022 as the assistant accountant of revenue control.
Michelline Nawatises
Cornelia Goreses was born and bred in Windhoek and attended Jan Jonker Afrikaner High School. Straight after high school, she enrolled at the Windhoek College of Education, but didn’t finish the course.
“I decided to take a gap year and explore my options which was adventurous and educational as well as a very experimental phase in my life.”
She later realised that she needed formal qualifications and thus enrolled at the University of Namibia for a bachelor of accounting degree and graduated in 2010. “I have done a few short courses in the meantime as well, and I am planning to further my studies still.”
Goreses joined National Housing Enterprise (NHE) in April as the assistant accountant of revenue control.
“I joined a magnificent team of co-workers who are always ready and available to assist me in any way, thus enabling me to put my best foot forward. I am still in the process of training and learning and find myself more and more eager to give my best.”
At the moment, her day-to-day tasks have taken shape and are carried out with ease and confidence.
“There is still a great deal of learning that has to take place because I belive that every day we learn something new,” she said.
Goreses added that so far it has been exciting and challenging.
“I come from a completely different environment and I realised I do not know as much as I thought about NHE and I am fascinated every day about all I am discovering and learning.”
She said as with any transition, there was the fear of not managing, complete confusion and a sense of being lost, but her colleagues are making things very easy with their support and assistance.
When asked what success looks like in this position, and how she measures it, she said success would be learning to execute her tasks with great proficiency. “Executing my tasks with diligence, precision and accuracy as well as exposure that will provoke professional growth for myself as an individual and as an employee of NHE.”
Goreses would like to grow in the environment she is in, not only professionally, but in an individual capacity as well.