‘n Dekade van Donasies

1 year - 27 October 2017 | academics

Windhoek Gimnasium is bekend daarvoor dat daar verskeie geleenthede vir die leerlinge aangebied word. Vir 10 jaar lank het Gimnasium alreeds baie gegroei en deur hierdie blitsvinnige ontwikkeling net meer en meer vir ons bevoorregte leerlinge gegee. Die...

A few words for a flight

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Education

The 30th annual German Sprachwettbewerb (Speaking Competition) took place on September 16th, 2017. Roshaan Leukes, a fellow Grade 11 learner, worked hard to win a free flight ticket to Germany in May 2018. “In Grade 8, I partook for the...

LRC learning to lead

1 year - 27 October 2017 | academics

Gaining LRC status is an achievement as well as a huge responsibility. Becoming a leader is no easy process; that’s what the annual LRC training camp is for. On the morning of the14th of September our newly...

Radio Debating Introducing Newcomers

1 year - 27 October 2017 | academics

Debating has become a more common activity over the years in Namibia and both debating and the debaters have been evolving. With debating at Windhoek Gymnasium being no exception. Radio Energy is hosting a debate competition from the...

Gimmies giving a helping hand

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Culture

Howard Zinn once said, “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” That is exactly what Windhoek Gymnasium’s learners are doing: changing the world one small act at a time. Mrs Nicolene van Zyl,...

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Review of the Revue

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Art and Entertainment

This year’s revue, called “Technicolour Opening Doors”, was held on the 28-30th of September. The story of the revue centers around a young girl and her journey...

2017: a new beginning for high school education

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Education

The Ministry of education recently unveiled its plans for implementing a new high school curriculum. The new curriculum was implemented for grade 8s in 2017. The old curriculum...

New and improved school hall

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Education

Windhoek Gymnasium is currently expanding the school hall. The school is growing in numbers every year, causing the current facilities to be utilized to their maximum. ...

Inline Hockey

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Sports

Inline Hockey is a team sport played on a plastic surface, in which players use a hockey stick to shoot a hard plastic hockey puck into their opponent's...

The Gentlemen’s Cup

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Sports

The Gentlemen’s Cup is an annual competition between Windhoek Afrikaans Privaatskool (WAP) and Windhoek Gymnasium (WHK GYM) cricket teams. Last year WHK GYM hosted this tournament at the...

Splash Champs

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Sports

From the 29th of September to the 1st of October, the National swimming competition was held in Swakopmund. The championships were very intense, tough as well...

Eat, sleep, ride!

1 year - 27 October 2017 | Sports

Equestrianism, more popularly known as riding, horseback riding or horse-riding, refers to the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing or vaulting with horses. This broad description includes the use of...

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