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No limits for Doeseb

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | People

Michelline Nawatises Axali Doeseb has been playing ice hockey since 2003.Every day after school he would jump the Tagesheim aftercare centre’s fence to watch...

Truekrav hosts GBV talk

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | Education

Truekrav Namibia, in cooperation with the Namibian Women’s Society and Kosmos, hosted a gender-based violence (GBV) talk on Thursday at the NG Church in Pioneers...

Radio: The theatre of the mind

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | Education

Elizabeth JosephOn 13 February UNESCO celebrated the eight edition of World Radio Day under the theme ‘Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace’.On this day people around the...

It’s not over yet!

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | Education

offers a variety of different classes targeted at both beginners and qualified nail technicians. For beginners, classes are taught in alignment with the modules of...

Empowering young girls

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | Education

Michelline NawatisesThe ‘Empowering Young Girls into Responsible Young Ladies’ programme is run solely by young mentors who set up the events and conduct them. It...

NBL gives a helping hand

2 days ago - 19 February 2019 | Education

For almost two decades NBL has supported the three schools with the provision of soft drinks for sale as part of the NISE schools’ fundraising...

Ambassadors of Pupkewitz Motors

5 days ago - 16 February 2019 | Education

Octavia Tsibes Pupkewitz motors recently held their fifth round of trainee induction in Windhoek. Eight trainees of which majority were women, completed their training and...

A champion of clear sight

6 days ago - 15 February 2019 | People

iagnose, treat, and manage disorders of the visual system, eye diseases and injuries. Optometrists perform vision tests and analyse results, diagnose sight problems, such as...

Mutorwa’s journey with science

6 days ago - 15 February 2019 | People

Justicia Shipena Marius Mutorwa is a lecturer at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) in the department of health...

Getting your affairs in order

6 days ago - 15 February 2019 | People

“Death may be an inevitable part of life, but it is in our human nature not to want to think about it – be it...