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1 year - 20 October 2017 | Youth

De Duine LRC’s of 2017 have done an incredible job this year. Since the beginning of the year the LRC’s have done all tasks they have...

#Festival was a big success

1 year - 20 October 2017 | Youth

There’s so much truth in the saying that what’s found in the west is best. At the first ever HashTag (#) festival one team stood out, one...

Achievement is Academically possible

1 year - 20 October 2017 | Youth

De Duine where the sun never sets was good academically the second term. We are looking forward to seeing another term of great achievements. It’s a fact...

De Duine takes action against the current economical problem

1 year - 20 October 2017 | Youth

In recent event leading up to now, we have noticed that our country Namibia is going through an economical problem. This problem has forced the government to...

Beauty and the Beast

1 year - 20 October 2017 | Youth

That one special night when girls in colorful gowns and boys in in ill-fitting tuxedos pose awkwardly for photos that they will cherish for the rest of...

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