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Founded in 1962, St Paul’s College is internationally recognised for its academic excellence. Situated on the slopes of Roman Hill in the Klein Windhoek valley and close to the city centre of Windhoek, the College is an unpretentious Christian school which offers the best of a Catholic school of the modern era. Conceived by the Tilburg Fathers and rooted in Namibia’s struggle for independence, St Paul’s College is wholly cognisant of our country’s needs, and is therefore deeply committed to providing an all-round, international, relevant education for boys and girls from Grade 1 to Grade 12.

We aim to send young men and women into the world equipped, not merely with a certificate, but with a faith that is real, discipline that is personal, and compassion which translates into service.St Paul’s College motto: “Caritate fundati” — “Founded in love” (Ephesians 3:17-19: “May your life be rooted in love, founded in love”.)

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Jazzing the night away

4 years ago - 22 September 2017 | Youth

There was a hum of excitement in the days leading up to the St Paul’s Jazz Evening. The event was held on Friday 2 June on the...

Making connections

4 years ago - 22 September 2017 | Youth

Clouds looming heavily, our pupils stepped off the St Paul’s bus. Not sure what to expect, they entered into foreign territory to experience a different side...

The Art of Tomorrow

4 years ago - 22 September 2017 | Youth

On Tuesday, 31st May 2017, St Paul's College held their annual Art exhibition for all. The atmosphere was calm, friendly and warm despite the cold weather. All...

Into the Streets

4 years ago - 22 September 2017 | Youth

St Paul’s College offers an outreach programme, Make the Difference (MTD), in which students of all ages can come together and work on projects which will help...

Identifying Excellence

4 years ago - 22 September 2017 | Youth

Like human beings, schools have different characters; but also like human beings, there is an identifiable set of characteristics which raises an excellent school over and beyond good...

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