Star teacher: Agneta Colleen Olivier, mathematics teacher

Pionierspark Primary School
I am Agneta Colleen Olivier, a mathematics teacher at Pionierspark Primary School since 2015.

Why did you become a teacher?

Since a young age, I helped my siblings and friends in the neighbourhood with homework and really enjoyed it. When I got to Grade 10, my mathematics teacher at Jan Mohr Secondary School, Mrs. Mouton, had this innate ability to make the subject so easy and fun. It was then that I decided to be like her.

Proudest moment as a teacher?

I handed out a test to my learners and a girl started crying. When I asked her whether something is wrong with the test result, she said “I cannot believe I got 100%; I thought I couldn’t do maths with my poor results from the previous years”. That day I realised that I am doing something right and that I am a good teacher.

What is one of the biggest lessons you have learnt from your learners?

I have learnt that every learner in front of me has feelings. They are unique, learn differently and they are loved by someone. I must treat them with all the respect and kindness. Since then, I have appreciated diversity and I accept everyone just the way they are.

Tell us about your talents and what you are passionate about?

I have been told that I have the talent to teach mathematics in such a way that a learner understands it and enjoys the subject. I am passionate about my work. I do not give up on a child. I love finding ways to make mathematics easier and fun. I always read and search for ways to be a better teacher. I am a life-long learner and love education.

What is your favourite book, song or place to visit in Namibia, as well as your dream car.

It is quite difficult to have a favourite book, but I am currently on the Colleen Hoover books and appreciate any Afrikaans book by Ena Murray or Christine Le Roux.

My Favourite song is by Don Laka, ‘Faranani’.

I love camping with my family at the coast.

My dream car is a white Toyota Fortuner.

Message to aspiring teachers:

If you are someone who loves working with children, appreciates uniqueness, are a life-long learner and patient to work with parents, then education will be the best decision you can make. You will be happy, fulfilled and be making a change in a child’s life.