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As a young person in Mariental, what's missing to make the town a better place?

Naftal Shapopi (25)

As a young person, I feel that there should be a mall built in Mariental. Apart from it providing job opportunities, it will also keep the young people off the streets as there will be entertainment facilities.

Misael Neshindo (26)

We have a youth centre in Mariental but that space is not being used for its initial purpose. That place should be a safe haven for the youth. So, projects and programmes should be hosted at the centre to empower the young people of Mariental.

Desiree Urjohn (24)

I would really appreciate it if the town gets a swimming pool. This will not only keep the young people off the streets, but the community will be very pleased because Mariental can get extremely hot during the summer.

Walter Modise (30)

Apart from bars and clubs in Mariental, we really have a gap when it comes to entertainment facilities for young people. We also want places like a bowling alley or a go-karting establishment like in Windhoek.

John Isaac (29)

Job opportunities is what’s lacking in Mariental. We can start with getting a mall that offers a variety of shops - with this, job opportunities will be created because it’s difficult to get a job.

Saladine Motlatla (18)

Fun and safe entertainment places in Mariental is what’s missing, most importantly a pool. During summer, it gets extremely hot, so getting a public swimming pool will really help.