A milestone in higher education

The University of Namibia Foundation launched its brand and fundraising projects at the main campus in Windhoek this month.
Phillipus Josef
Namibian President Dr Nangolo Mbumba, officially launched the University of Namibia (Unam) Foundation brand and fundraising project last week, in his capacity as Unam chancellor and patron of the Unam Foundation.

He emphasised the importance of education in promoting shared wealth in communities, noting that government has made significant investments in the education sector since independence.

"In recognition of the important role education plays to bring about shared prosperity in communities, the government has invested heavily in the education sector since independence," Mbumba said.

Additionally, he stressed the importance of raising education standards in Namibia to empower individuals to break free from poverty and historical inequalities through quality education.

"I hope this will translate into a higher ceiling of allocation for institutions of higher learning such as Unam, the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), and others. This way, Namibians can be their own emancipators against structural and historic poverty," Mbumba said.

Support appreciated

The event brought together students, staff, alumni and the community.

Various fundraising projects were showcased, highlighting support for bursaries, infrastructure development and community outreach programmes.

Unam's vice-chancellor, Prof Kenneth Matengu, highlighted the importance of philanthropy in higher education and expressed gratitude to all supporters.

The launch was a success, with pledges and donations pouring in to support the university's mission of providing quality education and fostering innovation.

"This university serves as a beacon of knowledge and opportunities for reaching out not only to the lives of our students but also for contributing to the advancement of society and the Namibian economy," Matengu said.

"The university has a proven record of producing graduates who make substantial contributions across all industries, driving economic growth, social progress and cultural enrichment," he added.

Crucial role

Also speaking at the event was Dantago Jimmy-Melani, chairperson of the Unam Foundation board of trustees.

She said the initiatives will play a crucial role in developing, reinforcing and shaping the future of higher education.

"With partnerships, we aim to develop, reinforce and grow as it will help to shape the future of higher education."

Johannas Paavo and Tangi Amushelelo, two students who received bursaries, shared their gratitude for the financial assistance that has allowed them to excel in their education.

They said the bursaries lightened their financial burdens, enabling them to focus on their studies and achieve academic success.

"The bursary has been a beacon guiding me through my educational journey from my first to my third year. It provided me with the essential resources needed to excel, from textbooks to stationaries to thrive academically. This burden lightened my parents’ shoulders, all thanks to Namibia Asset Management," Amushelelo said.