Adapting to the times 

The importance of HR and it’s flexibility 
Kondjeni Tjilale
As a Chief Human Resource Practitioner employed in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture at the Head Office in the Subdivision Teaching Service Committee Secretariat and having been in the Human Resource environment since 1995, my major activities at the Secretariat is to assist, support, advice and prepare cases to the Teaching Service Committee on matters concerning Education and Teaching Service.

Working in my department requires me to read and interpret the practical application of rules and regulations in Education and Teaching Service, especially with the appointment, promotion and transfer of Teachers, Head of Departments, Principals, Inspector of Education and Education Officers and it is required that this activity should be done on my level, but if time doesn’t allow me to do so I will delegate some of the activities to my colleagues, which I regard as empowering to them. This is of utmost importance however at the same time we as supervisors in the department have to try to keep the work environment simple as far as possible, without major complications and challenges to one’s fellow colleagues.

Furthermore, the best way to welcome employees in the teaching service is to provide induction and orientation, which is a challenge in most of the schools and the MoEAC is working very hard to improve on the induction and orientation of staff members.

Human Resource is essential as it ensures that employees hired, engaged and supported in their growth and development, as well as their wellbeing.

With the challenges present by COVID-19 , the next 5 years will have new trends in the form of virtual work and it’s here to stay therefore supervisors must have equipped employees with the necessary skills and tools they need to navigate uncertainty of which HR Practitioners should offer guidance and support to drive the success of the organization. Technology adoption and deployment will be critical during this changing times.