Touchies returns to Henties Bay

Explosive action
This year's edition of the Touchies Rugby Tournament organised by Sparta Rugby Club will be hosted in Henties Bay.
The annual Touchies Rugby Tournament takes place in Henties Bay on 26 December this year.

Sparta Rugby Club organised and hosted the tournament in Walvis Bay for the past two years. “The arrangements are well underway despite a few obstacles, but we are working hard to iron these out. Entries should also open soon and rugby fans can keep their eyes open for more information,” Otto Mack, a member of the organising committee, said.

Eight teams – Souties, Sparta, Die Ouens, Erongo Salvage, Namlub, El Maestros, Gasbottels and the Barbarians – competed in the 2021 edition of the tournament.

The defending champions are Gasbottels, who defeated Erongo Salvage 2-0 in the final to ensure that they hang on to the sought-after trophy for a fifth consecutive year.

During last year’s final, Gasbottels captain Aurelio Plato delivered the first try in the first half while Elton de Smit scored a second try in the second half.

“It took hard work to finish as the winners again. We don’t train a lot and just get together on the day, play together and enjoy the game. Five years - it wants to be done. We’ll see what happens next,” Plato said.

In the semi-final round, Gasbottels defeated the Barbarians and Erongo Salvage defeated El Maestros. Souties clinched the Plate division with a 1 - 0 victory over Namlub. Alessandro Smit touched down and sealed the win for his team.

According to Souties captain Giovanni Izaks, they have been playing together for three years. “We fought for a long time to win. I am proud of the team and we are looking forward to the next tournament. Our aim is to reach the Cup final.”

Souties defeated Sparta and Namlub eliminated Die Ouens in the semi-final round of the Plate division. Gabriella Jahs was the only woman among the men on the field for the tournament. She plays for Grootfontein Rugby Club.

Beauty queens

Miss Touchies will also be crowned after the final. Each participating team chooses a representative for the beauty competition. Ruby Cloete from Souties is the reigning Miss Touchies, while her first princess is Shakira Borges (Gasbottels) and the second princess is Kiesha Isaacs (Sparta).